Rabies Tags

Along with our (three-year) rabies vaccine we issue your pet a “Cheap Shots™ ” rabies vaccination tag. Our tags are within the standards of veterinary accepted practice; which means that they change every year per the yearly suggested protocol.

Our tag comes individually packaged inside a cellophane wrapper complete with the attachment ring ready for you to hang on your pet’s collar. You will not need pliers to get our tags on, since ours come with the upgraded “O-Rings”. We suggest you put this tag on your pet as so far we have been instrumental in helping owners recover their pets due to our tag/your records we keep.

These tags have no extra fee attached to them, they are included with EVERY rabies vaccine we administer!

We try to keep everything as convenient as possible for you. Our goal is to have happy customers, with healthy pets.

In some areas (like Orange County, FL), your pet wearing the tag we issue is enough for meeting the county requirements for pet compliance. In other counties however, there might also be a required county tag, or pet license fee.

Please check with your local county animal services, or animal control services to find out what you will need for legal responsible dog/cat ownership where you live. You may have to purchase an additional license or county tag to be compliant.

We do not offer county tags, however we DO provide our own issued rabies tag.

Our rabies tag has an identification number specifically issued to your pet, it has our phone number with our convenient voice mail service, and it also has our website imprinted in there as well.

When our (FL Licensed) Veterinarian administers a rabies vaccine to your pet we issue you (onsite) a copy of your record (this doubles as your rabies certification and is signed by the attending licensed veterinarian) along with our Cheap Shots™ rabies tag.

Both of these items combined should serve as adequate proof of vaccination that you will need in order to register/license your pet within your residing county.

If you should lose your record copy then please click on the “lost records” page for information on how to obtain another copy of that record. Knowing where your pet was vaccinated and what month helps facilitate the retrieval of your record. Thank you!

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