CheapShots Only Uses Nobivac Vaccines

CheapShots Dog Vaccination Protocol

Source : Dog Vaccination Guidelines

DA2PP – core vaccination

    Combined Vaccination Protecting Against Canine Distemper, Adenovirus, Parainfluenza, and Parvovirus. For Puppies – We recommend “3 sets” of vaccinations to be given every 4 weeks. For Non-Vaccinated Adult Dogs (or adult dog with unknown vaccination history) – We recommend 2 sets of vaccinations given 4 weeks apart. After the initial series, your pet will receive a one year booster. Subsequent vaccinations will be given every year.

Bordetella (Kennel Cough) Vaccination – non core vaccination

    The initial vaccination can be given as an intranasal spray or as an injectable vaccine. CheapShots elects to give this vaccine as an injectable vaccine due to it’s longer duration of activity. The intranasal vaccine produces a faster immune response to the vaccine but it doesn’t last as long as the injectable vaccine does. The intranasal vaccine also needs to be given every six (6) months to provide adequate coverage whereas the injectable can be given only once a year. All subsequent Bordetella vaccinations are given by injection. For high-risk dogs, an injection every 6 months is required to help maintain immunity.

    Bordetella vaccinations are NOT considered to be a “core vaccination” but is instead considered an elective. CheapShots chooses to give this vaccine due to the requirements of Veterinary Hospitals, Boarders, and/or Groomers that demand the need for this vaccine before treatment or rendering of services.

Rabies – core vaccination

    Rabies vaccination is required by state law and can “only” be given by a licensed veterinarian, or under the “direct supervision” of a licensed veterinarian. Puppies can be vaccinated against Rabies between 12-16 weeks of age. A non-vaccinated adult dog (or adult dog with unknown vaccination history, needs to be vaccinated ASAP with a rabies vaccination.

    The first Rabies vaccination is good for 1 year only. Subsequent vaccinations are good for 3 years. CheapShots only uses a 3 year rabies vaccine.

Typical Puppy Vaccination Protocol

      Puppies … “Puppy Pack”

      First Set of Vaccinations @ 8 weeks of age
      ~ DA2PP, Bordetella, Roundworm, Hookworm Medication Orally

      Second Set of Vaccinations @ 12 weeks of age
      ~ DA2PP, Bordetella, Roundworm, Hookworm Medication Orally

      Third Set of Vaccinations @ 16 weeks of age
      ~ DA2PP, Rabies, Begin Heartworm and Flea Preventatives


Please Read :
CheapShots gives a 3 year Rabies vaccinations to ALL ANIMALS. Even though your puppy was vaccinated with a 3 year rabies vaccine at 16 weeks of age it is recognized only as a one year vaccine until they get another second 3 year vaccine on their first birthday. At that time the 3 year rabies is then recognized. The only way the County you live in will recognize a 3 year rabies vaccine is if there are (2) three year rabies vaccines given within the span of (1) year by a licensed veterinarian. This ruling applies to every veterinary clinic in the State of Florida.

Typical Adult Dog Vaccination Protocol

    Adult Dogs … “Dog Pack”
    @ 1 year of age ~ DA2PP, Bordetella, Rabies

    Adult Dogs … “Dog Pack Plus”
    @ 1 year of age ~ DA2PP, Bordetella, Rabies, Heartworm Testing, and Heartworm Preventatives

We recommend that Adult Dogs receive :

“Dog Pack Plus”

    Rabies ~ every 3 years
    DA2PP ~ every year
    Bordetella ~ every year if your dog goes to groomers or boards
    Heartworm Test with Heartworm Preventative ~ yearly

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