Our Mission

Our mission is to help you protect your pet and we make it easy for you to do so with our services. Not only is it our passion to help people take better care of their pets, it’s also our passion to help the community at large to protect themselves from zoonotic diseases via affordable vaccinations for their pets.

By providing the best possible wellness care at an affordable rate (with no hidden fees), we feel we are giving back to the community, both human and animal alike.

We understand how tough times can get and we want to help our clients to the best of our ability with our top-notch services. We know our name is “Cheap Shots™” – however that just refers to the price, not the quality! As times have gotten harder for many, and our prices from our suppliers have increased, we have still managed to maintain our same pricing since 2006!

We also strive to treat you as we’d like to be treated, and our goal is to provide totally professional services, even if we are “on the road”. We try to bring a smile along, since a smile is free and everyone enjoys seeing one. We also strive to make the entire process as painless and pleasant as possible, even for your pet.

We recognize that some people are possibly unaware of a pet’s medical condition, therefore animals requiring medical attention beyond the scope of that offered by our on-site clinics will be referred to a full service veterinary clinic for treatment.

Again, our mission is to provide the basic wellness care for your pet at an affordable price, it is not to replace the recommended yearly exam for your pet. We strongly recommend a relationship with a local full service veterinary clinic for annual exams and other health care needs.

Come on and check us out… The doctor is in!

Cheap Shots™ Reception Table at an Indoor Location

Questions? Email: petvaccines@gmail.com

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