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For over twelve years we’ve been operating a Florida state licensed animal vaccination service. Cheap Shots™ provides lower cost vaccinations, diagnostics and dewormings to dogs and cats in the Central Florida area and we’re actively looking to expand.

Best of all… there’s no fee to have us come to you!

Our goal is to deliver quality services to the public for their pets. In today’s times where costs have risen, and the economy is struggling, we try to help people still be able to take care of their pets through routine wellness care. Rabies vaccinations are extremely important for the pet population, however rabies vaccinating pets is also very important to the human population as well. Helping people with their pets is an important aspect of human kindness.

Are you located in Florida and interested in hosting the vaccine service clinics? Would be on Saturdays or Sundays – we would develop a schedule – once a month to start and see how it builds from there. By hosting it just means you give us permission to administer the vaccines on your premises (could even be outside), and we leave flyers advertising your store with information telling when we’ll be there. We bring all of our own supplies and equipment with us and cart it off when we leave.

Indoor Location - Reception Table

Other stores are offering similar services and this has proved to be a boost for their business. The advantages to you would be the obvious draw to your facility by offering these value services for your customers. We encourage our customers to purchase products from you, as we appreciate (and make that known to our clients) that you allow us to make this happen for them. We know the stores we service do get offshoot-sales from having the draw there, especially on shot clinic days. We also know your customers will appreciate you for offering this service for them. When we do advertise, your facility will likely be included; yet another draw for you to gain recognition. We do not compete with our stores, we provide only services that our stores cannot provide, as our goal is totally wellness care related. We feel it’s a win-win situation. Yes, you will be able to advertise this service on your website too – we can even provide the logo graphic to your webmaster if you so choose.

Our vaccines are top quality and administered by a Florida Licensed Veterinarian, offered by a pleasantly operated service. We’re looking forward to working with you in the near future! 

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