Medical Records

Beginning July 1, 2015 there will be a $8.00 service charge for replacement of lost records. Keep Your Records In A Safe Place

For Replacement Medical Records Please Email First!


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YES! You are given a hard (paper) copy of your pet’s record at the time of service.

This record clearly states which vaccines/deworming was administered and if rabies was given the serial number, manufacturer, expiration period (3 year rabies vaccine is used for every animal) and our rabies tag we issued you is also written on your record as well.

It is expected that you keep your copy for your pet’s record and also share it with your regular veterinarian. However, we do understand that sometimes records can get lost or misplaced, life happens and we are there to help.

Email is the fastest and easiest way to obtain a record copy, however you may also leave voice mail at the (863) 414-8677 number as well.

When requesting a copy of your pet’s vaccination record please tell us the date as well as the location where you were served. Knowing where your pet was vaccinated and what month helps facilitate the retrieval of your record. Thank you!

* Replacement of lost medical records will be subject to a $8.00 service charge.

* Email requests will get the fastest response and might not necessarily incur a charge if records can be sent back via email.

* Take home sheets may be downloaded from the website via the front page, they are listed by the clinic location you’ve attended. However, in compliance with the law, on the pink slip you receive at our clinics (with the dates & time schedule) there is a stamp on the back of it that has listed two (not affiliated with Cheap Shots™) veterinary clinic locations, their addresses and phone numbers and hours of operation.

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